The South End Kitchen is officially closed.

March 21, 2015                  

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

The South End Kitchen has been a place to savor fresh, seasonal fare, a place to connect over a shared love of food and a place to develop a deeper experience with chocolate.  It was our loyal customers, like you, that helped nurture such a spectacular environment.  We greatly appreciate the continued support you have shown us over the past two years.  

To all of our devoted coffee and chocolate fanatics, you can find our signature drink menu and award-winning ice cream at Lake Champlain Chocolates at 65 Church Street and Route 100 in Waterbury Center and at our newly revised hot chocolate and coffee bar at 750 Pine Street.

Best Wishes!

The South End Kitchen Family

Still looking to get your chocolate fix?  Visit the Lake Champlain Chocolates factory at 750 Pine Street!  Take a Factory Tour and watch caramels, truffles, and our legendary Five Star Bars being crafted as you learn all about chocolate.  Or, slow down and taste the chocolate as you try your expertise at our weekend Chocolate Tastings!


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