Osaka is one of the main entrances to Japan because it has an international airport that is widely connected with cities around the world. Like the big city, Osaka is full of skyscrapers because it is a business center in the Kansai region, including entertainment centers and shopping centers. From here, there are many choices of transportation tools to continue the journey to other cities in Japan.

Osaka for Just One Day? Why Not?

For you who only has less than 24 hours in Osaka, spending time in the Shinsaibashi area is the right choice because here is the center of the crowd, where you can enjoy shopping and culinary tours without losing the atmosphere of modern Japan. Taking the subway to Shinsaibashi Station is the easiest way to get here.

Shinsaibashi Suji, or just commonly called Shinsaibashi is a shopping area in the form of a long hallway filled with shops from world-famous brands to ordinary shops that offer goods at affordable prices. Not only clothing stores and knick-knacks, but along the road is also filled with food stalls that sell Japanese specialties such as sushi, ramen, udon, soba, yakiniku, and okonomiyaki. And of course, there are many takoyaki stalls which are typical Osaka snacks. If you’re lucky, you can find a takoyaki kiosk that not only offers octopus meat as takoyaki filling but also shrimp and pork. Therefore, take a trip along the small streets on the right and left of Shinsaibashi.

It was a challenge and a pleasure to taste the still-hot takoyaki while staring at people passing by along Shinsaibashi. From those who only dress ordinary until they are dressed in the unique style of young Japanese, and from those whose hands are full of shopping bags to those who just walk casually just looking around. Really, it’s not boring to walk along Shinsaibashi from end to end. There is one stop that is usually crowded with those who want photos, namely Dotonbori Bridge. This bridge separates the Shinsaibashi Suji passageway with Ebishubashi Suji. Both are hallways filled with shops and restaurants. From this bridge, JapanTraveler can witness the splendor of large screens displaying various advertisements in Japan. At night, when the neon is lit, it will show how colorful and vibrant this place is.

Take Time to Shinsaibashi When You Go to Osaka!

During the cherry blossom season, don’t miss Nishinomaru Garden with 600 cherry trees and an entrance ticket of ¥ 500. For history lovers who want to enter Osaka Castle, they must spend ¥ 600. Who doesn’t have money like me, just walking around the castle is enough, because you can see the nice scenery. The day starts at noon, it’s time to move places, don’t be lulled by the beauty of the park around Osaka Castle. Remember, we only have 1 day. Not far from Osaka Castle, there is one of the oldest temples in Japan, Shitennoji Temple. The closest JR station is Tennoji, but if you use the subway you can get off at Shitennoji-mae Yuhigaoka station. You can enjoy Osaka in just one day!