Autumn Area stretches from north to and from countries such as Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu, Japan has four seasons each year. These seasons include spring, summer, autumn, to winter. The seasons turned out to be popular for various festivals maybe we can go to Osaka one day and enjoy holiday. The festival is held to express Japanese gratitude for the season.

Where to Go during Autumn in Japan?

The thing that makes autumn one of the things that are released is the charm of the beautiful colors of the maple leaves that are starting to turn yellow and fall. Below are the best destinations that you can visit in Japan during the autumn.

  1. Hokkaido National Park

A national park certainly has a variety of gardens and even dense forests with trees. Hokkaido as a place located on the northernmost island of Japan might be rarely visited by tourists. In fact, this place can provide dazzling autumn dishes with various colors from the existing leaves. In Hokkaido National Park there are various natural offerings from forests, lakes, to hot springs that can be enjoyed by tourists. Many choices of places in Hokkaido for you to visit in September to the end of October in the fall holidays.

When visiting Hokkaido is one of the hardest access, tourists can choose to enjoy the fall in Tokyo. The city of Tokyo provides the option to be able to enjoy the changing colors of trees in the fall. One of the favorite and popular destinations are Gingko Avenue (Icho Namiki). This place is filled with lots of yellow gingko trees. In addition, the rikugien park and the koishikawa Korakuen park can also be an option to admire the colors of autumn.

  1. Fuji Five Lakes

Fuji Five Lakes is an area that has five lakes, namely Lake Kawaguchiko, Tamanako, Saiko, Shojiko, and Motosuko. The beauty of this place in its own right is the presence of the magnificent rear view of Mount Fuji. Many tourists visit this place to climb and explore Mount Fuji, but there are also those who just want to enjoy the amazing scenery and valleys. As it is known that Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan. This mountain is also one of the sacred places in Japan because it is believed to be a god.

This mountain will be beautiful in the winter because the peak will be covered with snow but the offer of this place throughout the year can be enjoyed from various seasons. In autumn, tourists can enjoy the enchanting color changes of the leaves to hiking, camping, and visiting hot springs. But of course, if you want to do hiking you must pay attention to the weather and climate that is happening there.

  1. Nikko

Nikko offers to enjoy the fall that you can’t miss. There is an arena that offers the best colors when autumn is in the Okunniko area. Nikko is also a popular mountain range to choose from when autumn has arrived. When this season arrives, there will be many tourists visiting to make the area crowded on weekends. For this reason, you can consider visiting Nikko other than on weekends and accessing alternative roads from the Numata area to avoid being trapped by the crowds of visitors vacationing for momiji in Nikko.

More Places to Go in Japan during Autumn

  1. Ueno Park

One place to be able to enjoy Momiji or autumn is of course in the park. Ueno Park serves a variety of plants that can be enjoyed from spring to winter. The park also provides autumn with a variety of trees lined up neatly with leaves that have begun to change color. The colorful beauty of the tree can be enjoyed by visitors by taking a walk until taking pictures. Ueno Park is a city park that is open to the public located in downtown Tokyo. This park is part of Kaneji Temple as the highest and richest means of its time. Besides that with spring flowers in the spring, of course, this park will also be able to start autumn. Changes in the colors of the cherry tree leave combined with traditional Japanese architecture into this place become one of the right places to be able to do momiji.

  1. Tateyama Kurobe Alpen Route

One of the things that can be done to enjoy the beauty of autumn is to enjoy the journey through the mountains. The scenery around the journey while passing through the mountains will provide an awesome feel in the fall. One of the trips that offer the beauty of the mountains through natural scenery is to pass the Tateyama Kurobe Alps Route Route. This line will connect the city of Tatoyama with the city of Omachi. Tourists can enjoy the scenery by riding trains, taxis, buses, to the cable car. Various colors that appear along the route will offer a different atmosphere compared to enjoying the feel of autumn in the lowlands.