Vacation has become a necessity especially when we have experienced saturation with routine. Taking a vacation is indeed one way to reduce boredom and be able to relax, both with friends, relatives, and family.

Holiday is Your Needs

Who now does not want to visit a country loved by many women in Indonesia. A country that is famous for its Boyband and Girlband. What’s more, this country is also famous for its cosmetic products. So who doesn’t want to go to Korea? There is nothing wrong if your exhaustion of everyday routine is replaced by a holiday abroad, and occasionally to South Korea, the birthplace of the global K-Pop artists. Indeed the funds needed are not small, but of course, we can arrange in such a way as to be in accordance with the budget prepared. Of course, you can still enjoy the fun moments to your South Korea.

Best Tips When You Go to Korea

The country turned out to be big. You can still get lost if you don’t know the way and the language. Especially if you go alone. Here are some tips you have to do to make your holiday smooth.

  1. Don’t Go Alone

In a new place with a different language, don’t go alone. Even though you claim to be an independent child who can travel anywhere on your own, but if this is the first time, I suggest going with your friends. Together is more fun than yourself.

  1. There is already a list of places that you want to visit and are ready with Korean money (Won)

Don’t arrive when in Korea, you just specify which destination you want to visit. So, you have to know which destinations must be visited while in Indonesia. This is so that you are ready when you are in Korea. So that your holiday time becomes very effective. Don’t forget to exchange Rupiah with Won money.

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  1. Prepare your accommodation

You must book accommodation or hotel before going to Korea. So that when you arrive in Korea, the first place to go is a place to stay.

  1. Bring enough Money Even Better If You Bring More Than Enough

Of course, this is for your benefit while living there. Prices of food and drinks differ from your country. The author believes that besides vacationing, you will buy a lot of things. Especially for the girls. Cosmetics are the main thing that must be purchased when in Korea. So prepare more than enough money.

  1. T-Money and Seoul Tourist Map must be in hand

Later, when you arrive at Incheon Airport and pass immigration, you must approach the information center to take the “Seoul Tourist Map”. There is complete information about transportation as long as it’s in Korea. Because in Korea, we have to get used to walking. To go to the list of places that have been made, we will use the subway, aka the subway and bus. Now to be able to ride this subway, you need a card known as T-Money. This card can be purchased at the nearest supermarket inside Incheon Airport. This T-Money must also be filled with a certain amount of money for the needs of traveling by train or bus. Before leaving the airport, this card must be in your hands.

  1. Don’t come late to the airport when you go home

Because you use the subway, subway, you have to pay attention to time. Do not let you be late because it takes a lot of time from the inn to the airport. Calculate carefully so as not to miss the plane.

Hopefully, these tips above are useful.