South Korea is a country located in East Asia. This country is one of the tourist destinations in the East Asia region, which is always crowded with tourists every year.

In the last few decades, this country has been known to all over of the world for its popular culture. Korean wave or in local language also called Hallyu which has spread globally since the 1990’s has made many people increasingly interested in this country.

Not only interested in pop culture, but also in the tourism potential offered by South Korea. Starting from natural tourism, cultural tourism, to shopping tourism, everything can be done in South Korea. Therefore, it is not surprising that this country is invaded by thousands of tourists every year.

For those of you who are interested in vacationing in Korea, it’s good for you to plan your trip carefully. Make a travel plan well to Korea, such as a list of places to visit, and determine your exact departure time. This is important because visits to Korea have the best times that are highly recommended.

When is the best period to visit Korea?

Every season of the year has the best time to visit South Korea. If you have a travel plan to Korea, maybe you can adjust to the following times.

Autumn is the best

Like other countries in the Northern Hemisphere, autumn in Korea takes place from September to November.

Throughout the fall season is the best time to visit Korea, because during the fall the scenery in this country is very beautiful. During autumn, the sky will appear clean blue so it is perfect for traveling. In addition, when the fall is also harvest is abundant.

Autumn atmosphere in Korea is the best. Falling leaves make the atmosphere more comfortable. The shades of orange and red from the leaves of maple trees and ginkgo make the surrounding environment look so beautiful.

Summer in Korea is also not bad

If you don’t have time to visit Korea in the fall, then visiting this country in the summer is also not a bad idea. However, if you decide to visit Korea during the summer, then you should adjust to the annual festival schedules there, which are around July to August.

In mid-July, there are interesting festivals in Korea, namely the Boryeong Mud Festival. The festival is held at Daecheon beach, where at this festival visitors are free to play mud with other visitors using mineral-rich mud.

In addition, there is also a water war festival on Sincheon Street, also known as Sincheon Wake Up City Fiesta. There, visitors will “combat” each other using a water gun. This festival is held so that visitors can momentarily forget the hot weather in summer.

Visit Korea during spring

Spring in Korea is also pretty good. This is a transitional period between winter and summer. Therefore, even the temperature of the air can change drastically easily. During the day it will feel hot with the heat of the sun. But at night it will feel cold with the wind blowing quite hard.

In spring you can also see cherry blossoms blooming. But unfortunately, cherry blossoms in Korea bloom at the same time and do not last throughout the spring, which only lasts about 2 weeks at the end of March to mid-April.

In the spring there were also several festivals in Korea. There are various festivals held to enjoy the beauty of spring like the Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival, the Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival, or the Taean International Tulip Festival. There are also food festivals like Uljin and Yeongdeok Snow Crab Festival. In addition, there are also Korean art and cultural festivals such as the Jeju Fire Festival, Lotus Lantern Festival, and also the Yeongam Wangin Culture Festival.

Well, basically, visiting South Korea during spring is also quite interesting because there are many festivals held in the spring. Even so, not all spring is the best season for traveling to Korea.

What about winter?

Actually, winter isn’t the right time to visit Korea. This is because winter weather in Korea is less friendly, especially for tourists who come from tropical regions. The temperature in Korea during winter can reach -10 degrees Celsius. Of course, that low temperature can make people who are not used to feel uncomfortable. In addition, in winter there are not too many tourist attractions in Korea that are open. This makes us not have too many agenda activities when visiting Korea during the winter.

However, this does not mean we cannot visit Korea at all in winter. If you are ready to face the consequences, you can still enjoy Korea in the winter. In winter, you can try skiing in the Seorak Mountains. In addition, in this place, you can also try skating, sliding, snow jumping, hiking, and so on.