These days, it’s easy to meet foreign tourists if you go to major tourist attractions such as Myeongdong and Gwanghwamun. The number of foreign tourists visiting Korea is steadily increasing. According to statistics from the Korea Tourism Organization, the number of foreign visitors increased by 35% from 9.8 million in 2011 to 13.2 million in 2015. Among them, 56.6% of foreign tourists visited Korea for the purpose of “leisure/ recreation/vacation”.

Guide for Curious Foreign Friends!

What do foreign tourists need to ask when visiting Korea? S University Student Kim Mo, who works as an exchange student assistant, is said to have asked foreign friends a lot of questions about Korean transportation, recommended destinations, and restaurants. Even if you try to tell us what you know, it’s difficult to help because the relevant sites and materials are nationally available.

Tell us that travel to Korea has been made convenient by improving regulations!
Improvements have been made to regulations on services for foreign tourists. We have improved the inconvenience sanoinance of foreign tourists, such as telecommunications and duty-free use, such as “mobile phone prepayment,” “immediate refund service for post-duty stores,” and “duty-free overseas refund policy.”

1. Mobile phone prepaid

Before prepayment was allowed, foreigners had to visit a dealer to verify their identity in order to use their mobile phones in the country. It was a time-consuming and cumbersome process for foreigners who had a short travel period in Korea. However, it is now easy to use the communication service as soon as you arrive at the airport with a prepaid trial.

2. Immediate refund service for the post-tax shop

Korean Duty-free Shop

Since the beginning of this year, a post-tax refund service has been introduced. Until last year, in order to receive a refund of vat on items purchased at the post-tax office, i.e. However, the process was cumbersome, and many foreigners were leaving the country without being reimbursed for delays or flight times. To compensate for this inconvenience, we made sure that we were able to purchase items at the post-tax shop and reimburse vat.

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3. Tax-free goods refund

After you buy something from a duty-free shop and check it out, you’ll find it a lot if it’s a bad product. Before the regulatory improvements, we had to use international mail (EMS) to refund defective products. Under the regulatory improvements that took effect on July 1, 2015, items purchased from duty-free shops can now be sent not only by international mail (EMS) but also by air and sea freight. Consider the cost of courier, delivery speed, and so on, consumers can choose the return method they want.

4. K-Travel Bus

K-Travel Bus

From March 25, the government has been offering the K-Travel Bus service for the year of visiting Korea (2016-2018). K-Travel Bus is a tourist product designed to allow foreigners to explore every corner of the tourist attractions in the province, and there are six in-house courses developed in collaboration with eight local governments.