Great Souvenirs from Korea

Korea not only have many famous celebrities, but also various traditional and beautiful wonders and heritages. Which means many beautiful destinations for tourists. Of course, you will want to commemorate your visit to Korea. When you do, other than photos and videos, you will also want to buy some souvenirs. Below are the souvenirs you can buy cheap, but totally did not look cheap.

Korean Ginseng

Ginseng can be a costly thing to purchase if you go for the extremely premium stuff, yet as a typical fixing, you won’t have to pay an arm or leg here! Best for intriguing would-be in-laws with – they don’t need to know its genuine expense!

Where to purchase: Gyeongdong Market

Cost: From ₩10,000 for around 300-500grams

Winged serpent Beard Candy

They look like silkworm cases, however, don’t stress, these wispy sweet treats are wonderfully dissolving in-your-mouth! They come in various flavors — nut, almond, and chocolate. I prescribe you to attempt all.

Where to purchase: Insadong

Cost: ₩5,000-7,000 for every container

Handpainted Folding Fans

While collapsing fans are a typical sight all through Asia, the customary Korean prints on these helpful sidekicks are what separates them.

Where to purchase: Try Namdaemun advertise

Cost: From ₩10,000


BF and I purchased each for our mothers. Awww… I’m not saying scarves are just for oldies, however, I ensure your mother will acknowledge whether you give her one from Korea.

Where to purchase: Insadong

Cost: ₩5,000 per piece

Baked goods

These baked goods look alluring, and they’re so modest! Certainly worth attempting!

Where to purchase: Insadong

Cost: ₩500 per piece