Speaking of Japanese food such as ramen, sushi, tempura, takoyaki, tonkatsu and maybe a Japanese-style curry or Wagyu beef, you’ll definitely feel hungry immediately. But don’t get me wrong, there are still many other Japanese food that must be included on your list.

Although the collection of 12 foods below can not represent all the food in Japan that you should try, we hope that the list below can add a culinary experience that is much more tempting for your stay in Japan. Ever thought that you know all the Japanese food models? Time to think again.

1. Tsukemen

The way to eat is to dip some strands of noodles into the broth before eating them. Thus, the condensed broth will envelop the noodles, which will give them an extraordinary flavor. You have to be happy if your kaldumu is equipped by slices of meat, boiled eggs and also savory seaweed!

2. Abura Soba

In person, Abura Soba is the most frequently overlooked type of Japanese noodles; In Japan though, this menu name is rarely found. The dried version of this ramen is often likened to the Singapore-based Bak Chor mee. The food without a gravy usually has three different broth options: soy sauce, salt and chili. You can find Abura soba in Takadanobaba and Waseda area.

3. Oyako-Don

Ignoring the slightly sadistic etymology of the name of this food which means “parent-child” rice bowl, Oyako-Don is a combination of chicken (old man) and also eggs (yes, the child of the chicken) which is very delicious.



Onion slices are sometimes added to a half-cooked egg to add a good aroma. The flavors of Oyako-Don are getting delicious if eaten with a shichimi tougarashi (a chili powder made with seven different spices).

4. Ochazuke

Ochazuke may seem simple, but it shouldn’t be considered as an eye. The interesting thing about this meal is the food that is watered with green tea. To add to the enjoyment of this meal, Imbeboshi and Tsukemono (pickles) also accompany. Don’t forget to get furikake on top of Ochazuke for a more delicious flavor!

5. OMU-Rice

I have tried it, but this very tender omelette cannot be expressed with words. Therefore, the above is a video of the best omurice in Japan.

6. Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is a very delicious Japanese pancake. The Adonannya is made from flour, water, eggs and also slices of cabbage, but additional ingredients such as meat (usually pork cutlet), seafood (such as squid or shrimp), Mentaiko (seasoned fish eggs), mochi, or cheese are also added to Add Delicious.



The Hiroshima version of Okonomiyaki even adds yakisoba noodles for extra carbohydrates. The last touch of seaweed and its special sauce also adds to the enjoyment of Okonomiyaki.

7. Monjayaki

Monjayaki has a main ingredient similar to Okonomiyaki, but the ratio and the processed way of different materials make Monjayaki have a slightly chewy and juicy texture.

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Instead of moving Monjayaki to a separate plate, this food is commonly eaten directly from the Teppan (Hotplate) that is in your presence, complete with a mini-spatula. Although the appearance is not beautiful, but do not think lightly, you are guaranteed addiction!

8. Hayashi Rice

Hayashi Rice does have a similar look to the usual Japanese-style curry rice, but Hayashi rice does not use curry as a sauce, but is a ketchup mixed with red wine or wine.

Chunks of beef, onions and mushrooms are common ingredients in the sauce. Although it sounds new to our ears, its popularity in Japan is not inferior to the usual Japanese curry!

9. Motsunabe

Nabe in general, is one of Japan’s most often forgotten authentic food. You might think this dish is similar to a regular steamboat, but try Motsunabe. A stew made with beef or pork (mostly innards) offers rich protein and collagen!

10. Nikujaga

Nikaalso is a Japanese home food that you can find at an Izakaya (Japanese-style bar). Although the food is often served with rice and miso soup at home, nikaalso often used as a snack eaten while drinking alcohol at Izakaya. Potatoes and also sliced meat in a sweet Japanese style sauce. Sometimes you can find carrots and onions that are also boiled to add to the delicacy of this dish.

11. Taiyaki

Maybe you’ve heard about light snacks Taiyaki from manga or anime. Nevertheless, there are many tourists who have this food when visiting Japan. Taiyaki, which used to be filled with red beans, now has many variations of contents such as chocolate, cheese, and many more.

12. Uni (sea urchin) sushi

Other times when you enjoy sushi, don’t just order salmon and tuna, book another menu that might surprise you with your delicious. If I can recommend delicious sushi that is often forgotten, then uni Sushi is the right choice.

The orange color of the pig’s fur and also the sweet taste of the sauce brings us back to the sea. It’s confusing why many tourists miss the delights of this one sushi!