The Abukuma Cave is a cavern found in 1969 in the city of Tamura, Fukushima Prefecture. In 1973 the cavern was redesigned for movement and opened to the general population. In the cavern there are an assortment of stalactites and stalagmite that framed in time in excess of 80 million years and is said to be the most in Asia.

The cavern has a length of about 3.000 meters, however just 600 meters principle line is opened to people in general. There is Takine Goten which is the biggest corridor in the cavern, and Tsuki no Sekai (moon World) where the lighting framework is introduced to enlighten a portion of the rooms that look amazing.

Guests who love to experience can likewise take an extra 120-meter additional path with minimal additional expense. On this path you will go through limited roads, climbing stairs, even territories where guests need to slither to get past. The line will meet with the principle line in Takine Goten.

In the wake of visiting the cavern, around this region there are likewise fascinating spots that can be visited, for example, cafés, gift shops, and Planetarium. On the slope, you will likewise have lavender blooms blossoming in mid-June to the start of July.

Abukuma Caves

Address: 1 Higashi-Kamayama, Sugaya, Takine-machi, Tamura, Fukushima


Cost: 16 years or more 1.200 yen, 13 – multi year (800 yen, 7 – 12 Year 600 yen (extra line + 200 yen)