Picturesque. Exotic. Regardless of what words like all-inclusive, all-inclusive Caribbean resorts might entail, one fact remains: Aruba is an isolated island with an outsized impact, one that will likely make it much more difficult for travelers to fully enjoy their vacations. In fact, in addition to the holiday resorts and other lodgings, the island is a cultural and culinary hotspot, with visitor numbers projected to continue to rise as the country’s tourism takes off in a big way.

Thanks to the jaw-dropping beauty of its turquoise Caribbean waters and the innately friendly Barbadians, Aruba has rightfully earned its designation as an island of first impression. Moreover, with a trove of over 18 different Caribbean countries in close proximity, it is a treasure trove of culture and cuisine to enjoy as well.

B Petrilla

vacationers who are on the island’s southern shoreline (accessible via theardeastern tip of Aruba) will definitely find the energizing beach of Bouarmilla just a bit too crowded to truly enjoy. However, locals and tourists still flock to this particular beach to enjoy the sunshine and get away from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist area. And with the number of travelers expected to continue growing in the area, property values and tourism could very well increase in the immediate and short-term future.


Another huge benefit of being located on such a tropical island is the vast range of beaches located just outside of the main resort area. Because of the island’s tiny geography, areas south of the city have retained the atmosphere of their more picturesque neighbors. However, many of these areas house resorts meant specifically for families looking to enjoy the numerous water sports and other amenities provided by the numerous upscale resorts and condos surrounding the area.

The western-most of these areas, the Bucharest Beach, is a great place to head to after a day of fun in the sun. Though many of the resorts and condos along this stretch offer their own pools and water sports facilities, a number of facilities, such as those of the popular teen-oriented club, run by the yogurt parlor culture pioneer, fail to catch a guest’s eye. Despite their upscale appeal, many of these tidbits of luxury accommodation remain very affordable.

Underwater Adventures

Scuba diving is, for many, the ultimate holiday experience. A large part of the island’s claimed land mass is actually under the sea, providing perfectly capable dive sites for even the most inexperienced underwater adventurer. Where dive hotels operate, visitors are often provided with underwater cameras and global-class diving instructors to facilitate a smooth dive.

The Patagonia Coastal Mountain Range, on the other hand, is home to the second-largest network of underwater caves in the world. Compared to the Grand Canyon in the United States, the San Cristobal Lagoon’s Cenotes hold thousands more cu m of water, even during the deepest of dives. The six-hour boat ride from the coast takes visitors to the heart of the lagoon. There, a diver can enjoy watching a wide variety of underwater fauna and flora, as well as explore the darkness of the underwater world with a select group of others.


While many holidayers head to the beaches of Aruba in the summer, the island’s other iconic attraction is Civilization, located just outside the capital city of Oranjestad. The city brings to life the dawn to early evening trend prevalent in Aruba and surrounding areas, as well as the country’s colonial past. Origins of the city’s historic district can be found in the historic area around Fort Zoutman, as well as the Museo de Aruban, a prominent museum that recently underwent extensive renovation.

The post-coastal capital of Aruba, however, exudes a uniquely Caribbean atmosphere, attracting thousands of cosmopolitan travelers and investors year-round. As the capital, furthermore, many of Aruba’s national assets and activities emanate from Civilization. The National Theater, for instance, is an impressive building that overlooks the Antigua Barrens and offers unparalleled acoustics. conveniently located just outside the capital city, it is often used as a venue for political forums and exhibits.

Additionally, the Coral World Ocean Park is a must-see for all nature lovers. Its vast array of underwater life easily matches that of the Galapagos, but is even more educational and enjoyable. Located just outside the capital, Coral World Ocean Park separately offers a series of exhibits designed specifically to showcase the abundant underwater life that makes up the marine world. With a knowledgeable staff on hand to answer questions and help visitors enjoy the experience, Coral World Ocean Park is able to provide a unique reef experience that measures up to its nearby Galapagosian counterparts.